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Optimal wellbeing is more than just looking or feeling good. It’s about living a longer, happier, healthier life. It’s about every system in your body working efficiently together to enable optimal performance


Preventum Performance utilizes medical grade analysis, removing the guesswork in caring for your most valuable commodity, your health.


We offer a revolutionary approach in the field of health and wellbeing. Our analysis involves accurately measuring your health and performance in five key components of health – cognitive, cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal and cellular. This enables us to pinpoint exactly where dietary, exercise or lifestyle interventions can be used to improve performance.

Data Driven Wellness

When it comes to improving your health and wellbeing, you deserve a hyper-personalized program that puts you back in control of your health.


We offer the most comprehensive, forward thinking assessment available today. Our in-house team of experts will deliver an integrative plan tailored to your exact specifications and goals, to ensure you can take on whatever challenge life throws at you. Whether you’re just starting out, want to ensure you’re on the right track to lasting health or want to take your performance to the next level, everyone can benefit from our customized programs.


Enjoy a health experience built on scientific expertise and research, where proven practices lead to measurable results.

Personalized Healthcare
personalizied performance
We're experts at not only identifying problems, but also managing and improving them.
Some of our specialties include fat loss, building muscle, reducing visceral fat, improving cardiovascular performance, controlling blood sugars, managing cholesterol and addressing specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies. This approach is inclusive of customized wellness plans covering lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, relaxation and stress management. Our focus is on implementing an integrated care model that brings together wellness providers and data in a way that facilitates collaboration around you.
Weight Control
This exam is a measure of your body's ability to metabolize energy. We will measure your bone mass density, fat mass, lean mass, visceral fat and resting metabolic rate. This information is paired with carefully selected blood biomarkers to analyze your overall metabolic performance. This information will enable you to target specific aspects of your training and nutrition to decrease body fat and improve your performance.
Cost: $450

Peak Performance
The ultimate measure of how you perform. This complete exam enables us to accurately assess your overall health and wellbeing using advanced screening in five key areas - cognitive, cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal and cellular. Receive a fully personalized performance based on your results. Put your mind at ease and remove the guesswork entirely from your wellbeing with this comprehensive exam.
Cost: $1500

Optimal Energy
In addition to all of the testing outlined in our weight control package, we will also measure your aerobic performance with a VO2 max test. The VO2 max test is the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness. This test, along with specific blood biomarkers will enable us to accurately predict your maximum aerobic capacity, your anaerobic threshold and provide you with personalized training zones for your goals.
Cost: $750

Executive Exam
This complete preventative medical exam offers a full assessment of clinical health & performance. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts will take you through a comprehensive head-to-toe exam using the latest technology available. This enables us to devise a personalized medical treatment plan based on your risks and lifestyle choices to detect, reduce and prevent disease.
Cost: $6100

Additional Services
Dexa Scan, VO2 Testing, Functional Movement Screen
Cost: $100-250

Free Consultation
To organize a free consultation and speak with a team member, please contact us today on 604 731 9866
Your Team
Alan Kenny BA, Msc, CSCS
Performance Health Specialist
Dr. Ali Farahani, PhD MD CCFP
Performance Medicine
Dr. Tracy Cannon MD FRCPC
Internal Medicine
Dr. Raj Attariwala, MD PhD FRCPC
Imaging Consultant
Nicole Fletcher
Cardiology Technologist
Kelly Spec, RD
Taryn Kirkham
Client Care Coordinator
Robyn Poettcker
Client Care Coordinator
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